The Ups and Downs of 2016

2016 has been a year of ups & downs for the Yellow Ribbon Support Center. As we are plunging into the fourth quarter of this year it appears the ups are going to beat the downs!

Here is a quick recap of the year so far.

UP–We began analyzing the accounting systems of the center and adopted software to get our books up-to-date for non-profit reporting. We have a volunteer come in every Tuesday to enter data for the past week. We have had a couple of glitches, but seem to be operating smoothly now.

DOWN–The Board of Directors resigned en masse on December 31, 2015. Unfortunately, this left the center in a bit of a crisis. However, as an upside, several individuals stepped up in a quick way to take over responsibilities of the board and we survived.

UP–The April 9th Scholarship Dinner was held and was one of our most successful in terms of bringing the community back to the Yellow Ribbon Support Center and its mission

DOWN–A complaint was made to the Ohio Attorney General’s office regarding the Yellow Ribbon Support Foundation. The resignation of the prior board, non compliance for reporting specific information and the structure of YRSF led to a detailed investigation into the center’s operations. The upside is we are close to settlement and have come through the process with a stronger organization than ever before.

UP–We have visited more schools and participated in more events this year than in a very long time. We have had a very strong outpouring of compassion and support from the community. We definitely feel the love for what we are all about.

DOWN–We were prohibited from distributing funds to our scholarship awardees. The upside is that as soon as settlement papers are signed, we anticipate a release to get those checks out to all of the deserving students. We are very grateful for their patience and understanding.

UP–The Yellow Ribbon Support Center is stronger than ever and are as dedicated to our mission as in the beginning. This organization operates by your generosity and support. Thank you.

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