How it started:

The Yellow Ribbon Support Center started, in 2004, when Keith and Carolyn Maupin were notified by the United States Army that their son, Keith Matthew Maupin (Matt) was missing in action.

Desperate to do what they could, the Maupin’s decided to have stickers made with Matt’s picture, stuck them on care packages and started shipping the packages to troops deployed to Iraq. The idea was that Matt’s face would be seen by all those serving in harm’s way and they would be looking for him on their missions.

The community rallied around the Maupin’s and donated items to ship and the cost of postage. Care packages were shipped over the next 4 years, until Matt’s remains were returned home in 2008. Keith thought the care package donations would come to an end, but the community had something very different in mind. The donations began pouring in and still continues today.

Why it Continues:

Finding Matt was the primary catalyst for the care package drive. However, hearing from the men and women who received those packages, and the packages in the years since Matt’s return, we have learned how important those care packages are to deployed troops. The packages remind those who serve in harm’s way that they are not alone and have folks back home who support them.

In addition to supporting the troops, sending care packages with Matt’s picture on them, ensures that Matt is never forgotten by his brothers and sisters in arms.

The community is very engaged in the effort to continue the mission of the Yellow Ribbon Support Center and we are very thankful.






173rd Airborne Combat Team